IMG_20160528_130004466_HDRIMG_20160530_130022685_HDRI got my hair cut Saturday.This is nothing new for me, I get my hair cut and shaped all the time, but this time I was going a ‘lil shorter. sitting in the styling chair I was shocked and I didn’t beautiful at all. I was so nervous thinking what if nobody likes it or what if I look like a boy?

I get home and it starts to grow on me and I start to feel completely not pretty Then this thought comes to mind.  “What does Jesus say about me?” You see I’m super into body positive and that you’re beautiful no matter your shape, size or hair color. This is easy to see in  everybody else, but it was hard to see about myself. I began to tell myself beautiful isn’t about your abs or your hair, but about the heart that’s under all that. So I sat to pray and Jesus writes me an Acronym











After this I couldn’t help but think I was the Most beautiful girl in the world. I got up the next morning and I rocked that cut. I love it now.It’s quick and it’s easy and that’s why I have short hair to begun with! O  I am a daddy’s girl through and through!