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Shelby Hammond consciously chooses a salad.

Students on the Kent State University Main campus have said the biggest problem on campus is that there are not enough healthy food options on campus. In doing research I can’t  agree. I think it’s definitely easier and more convenient to eat unhealthy food,but if you want to live a healthy lifestyle while living on camps there are plenty of options. There is a lack of knowledge about all the options but there are plenty. Veggie a go-go is a call ahead vegan, vegetarian and gluten free program that provides meatless and gluten free options for students convenience. Students  can call to order and pay when they pick up. this option is available in Prentice and Eastway dining halls. There are salad bars at the Eastway cafe but Student

I think there needs to be more healthy options. We have salad but  I want full meals."

I think there needs to be more healthy options. We have salad but I want full meals.”

Shelby Hammond says” there should be more options, like salads are great, but I want full meals.” Dining services offers gluten free, locally produced, organic, vegan, and vegetarian meals. Shelby says this while behind me lay a plate of chicken, rice, and beans. IMG_1341 Dietician Megan Cascaldo says “This is a hard topic because people have different versions of healthy, for instance some want low-carb, while others want high-protein. The Eastway cafe has many healthy options but if you walk into the Kent State student Center at the center of campus 4 out of the 6 food chains are unhealthy. I think the real problem is not the options, but the placement of the options. Ben Cope mentions drinks as a major diet crusher. You are only supposed to have one hundred calories of sugar per day, one soda has at least 150 calories of pure sugar. The American Heart Association says the biggest addition of sugar into the American diet is soda. The cups located in the dining halls are 24 oz, 3 cups, which means each soft drink is approximately or  300 calories of sugar. Nutritionist usually say “don’t drink your calories.” So what they are really saying is “don’t drink soft drinks.Drink water!

The major sources of added sugars in American diets are regular soft drinks.-American Heart Association

The major sources of added sugars in American diets are regular soft drinks.-American Heart Association

Kent state is developing a “mindful” approach to eating which is an approach to dining that focuses on nutritional literacy of ingredients, flavor and enjoyable portions. Items marked with the Mindful logo must meet certain nutritional criteria. In the mindful program Plates contain at least one serving from protein, starch, veg/fruit. There are healthy options but students have make the conscious choice to find out about them

"We do a good job, we buy local fresh produce, trying to offer healthy stuff." Chef Tracy

“We do a good job, we buy local fresh produce, trying to offer healthy stuff.” Chef Tracy

I spoke with chef Tracy from Eastway Cafe and she said “ there are enough options, we offer vegan, and vegetarian friendly options.” Dining Services says “ “With recognitions from PETA and overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students, Kent State Dining Services is sure to fulfill all your dietary needs and concerns. Our chefs offer a broad assortment of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals, so we can accommodate any of your dietary preferences. If you have a food allergy, our staff will be happy to prepare your food safely so you know it is free of allergens. If your unsure about anything look for the dietary icons on all our menus so you know that your needs are being met.” Ben cope mentioned asking the chefs to prepare your meal differently. Again its looking and finding the choices for yourself. If You want to be healthy You have to take control of your body!   The sign you see when you walk into Eastway cafe reads”Your bell being is our priority if you have special dietarty needs please speak with the General Manager about the resources available to you.

Look for these labels and enjoy a happy healthy lifesatyle here at Kent State Uiversity, Dining services"

Look for these labels and enjoy a happy healthy lifestyle here at Kent State University, Dining services”

It seems that dining service boasts mainly on their vegan and vegetarian options.  The dining services website says “We boast a 91% student satisfaction rate thanks to programs and options like offering at least one vegan entrée at every meal, labeling our vegan entrées and desserts and offering an all-vegan station and nondairy milk. Additionally, we include vegan members on our student advisory board. Kent State has been named one of the top 10 most vegan-friendly campuses by PETA and consistently scores an A on PETA’s vegan friendliness report card. Kent is starting to label its food, so my advice to those trying to live a healthy lifestyle is look for the labels, plan ahead! It seems that only the students are complaining and I truly believe its only the students to lazy to do the work. You are able to view menus online. Students should remember everything is good in moderation. If you want pizza, eat pizza, just not everyday. Plan, plan, plan! Students are able to visit Kent state dining services and get all the information they need.


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