Yo Girl Sista Sista



Seven years ago  The little girl on the right was my “awesome little sister who hardly saw her mom  because she had to go to school and thus couldn’t stay in Akron while her sister lay motionless. Although she hated 6am she was glad her momma was back to take her to school.


100_3416When Taylor first saw the girl on the left  in  the hospital she opened the door to my room and immediately turned around and vomited. She was sick to her stomach to think I could not be okay, to that 9 year old I was invinceable, Back then I was pretty cool. And from this picture she’s suddenly grown. She’s now taller than me and planning her next adventures. She still has a year at home, but it’s weird that she or I may not live under the same roof as we have for the last 17 years. You see it would have been a little different if I had moved out when I was 18 and going to college but now it’s different because I didn’t. It’s weird and awesome that she won’t be wearing my clothes or asking to borrow my dresses. Actually it’s about damn time. LOL. Joke, Joke. Knowing that we won’t always live together gives me a new perspective on sharing my things.    And we still have those shorts, both pairs…


Prom 2017 I tell her she’s taller, but I’m prettier, again Joke, joke!



This morning Taylor left the house as my “awesome” lil’ sister , but she returned a senior. She returned within hours and said “Yo girls officially a senior. It only took hours for the transformation. Obviously it took years, but hose years go so fast it feels like hours.

So she says to me this morning 5/24/2017 I’ll be back in a couple of hours.I’m just taking one test and I’ll be home.


Hours later she returned, walked  in door and says “Yo Girls officially a senior.” Hours, it literally only took hours. So proud of this girl. Texted my dad . Both yo girls are officially seniors. We’ll both be graduating in the next twelve months and it’s crazy! We’ll both be moving on to the next steps of life. Hopefully!  Taylor’s not  actually planning to move, but she will be  possibly going to Kent for her first two years. She hasn’t totally decided.


Anyway Congrats to my awesome Hippie  lil’ Sister. ❤ you Sissy


In about one year exactly she’ll be wearing her own red graduation cap and gown but for now she’s still wearing mine 🙂


Crestwood Class of 2018  Here she comes ❤


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