I’ve been away for awhile. I would say I just don’t have the time, while part of that is true I just haven’t made the time.I get up I make coffee, read my daily devotional, workout, shower and go to school. Lately even when I do have the time I’ve been consumed with well this is due and that is due and I have to get this interview, call this person, yadda yadda. I’ve definitely ben a lil distracted. This morning, not worrying about an ounce of homework I sat down with my coffee and my daily devotional.

Not thinking about anything else I noticed the phrase in my devotional “…God provides for and stewards his people. Stewards his people?

We always here about stewarding our money. Better give your ten percent, better spend it rightly.  So I began thinking of the men with the talents and the sower. The more we sow into our friendships the more we may have, but the less we give to even our small circle of friends the less we will have.

Matthew 13:12For Whoever has, to him more will given and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have even what he has will be taken from him.



I ask Lord that you help me to sow into the small amount of true friends that I do have, That I may steward the love and grace you have shown me, In Jesus name, Amen!


The Lord is Good.


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