Sydney Nicole MOsby-

I met Syd at 10U Akron Sapphire softball tryouts when we were nine. I pitched and then I caught for Syd. Bitch gave me a bruise on my right arm on the first day. She was a lil wild back then and I used to bail her out.We only saw each other at softball practice a lot of the time, but we were attached at the hip. She was my partner and I was hers. We were unstoppable. A battery. We couldn’t charge anything without the other. After the Akron Sapphires we tried out together for the Ohio Lightning. Again inseparable.. Poor Lee. He was stuck listening to us sing pimpin’ all over the world and talking in our British accents. He acted like he hated it, but he loved us. We went on every college visit together In our minds we weren’t going to collge without each other. We told all the coaches we came as a pair. She liked pitt. I wasn’t sold.I chose Cap. Then mom called her onMarch15, 2010 and asked her and her momma to come to the hospital that something was wrong. Of course they rushed there and when they had to remove my hoodie. Bitch stole it and never gave it back. She wore it to school for a week.She went to catholic school and the principal yelled at her. Her daddy called and said look it’s her best friends. She’s wearing it and she did. We went toe each others graduations. One day at the hospital in my hoodie she asked if shecould lay with me. The nurse said it was fine just to be careful. I don’t know if I was out of it or not, but I remember her getting in my bed and holding me as I had her.4802_198038920690_7074188_n

Even though we saw each other mostly at practice or tournaments Syd was my best friend. Her family treated me like family and my family her.  Though I couldn’t play my senior year she wore my number on her arm every game.That continued into  college. Syd made sure I was with her on the field no matter what. Syd killed it during her time @Pitt-Bradford and I know it wasn’t just for her. She played because I couldn’t. I’m forever gratful for the memories we’ve made.

Although we aren’t as close anymore I know if I needed her she’d be there and she knows that of me also.



Happy  Birthday Syd!!! ❤ you



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