New Beginnings


This is a little late, I realize but I have been enjoying my break and was staying with a friend. Today I started a new reading plan on my Bible App and it says that Beginnings are a time to reflect on the past. So here I am reflecting on 2016.

Everyone has said it was such a horrible year. We lost a lot of celebrities, but this year was okay for me. I got my first journalism job.  I reconnected with old friends and  think that has been the best part. Friends that never looked at me any different. Friends that  have seen me at my worst and at my best and think the same of me either way. We all lived our separate lives, but have been brought back together. It makes me happy and I love them!

I became a beach body coach in January and I had been working out all year, but it took me till November to catch the mindset. I have lost some weight,  but I don’t know how much. 2016 taught me how to love myself no matter what.My friend helped me do this also. She’s always said how naturally pretty I was, but I never believed it myself. I learned to love myself and to take care of myself because of it.

2016 was a scary year once August hit. As I had been sitting in class my left and  bad leg was going numb and so numb that I couldn’t walk and when I tried it hurt. It made me want to cry. With my history I freaked out.,I was scared. We called doctors and they ran tons of tests. Doctors said I was healthy and that my brain was actually healing and the reason it felt so bad and weird was because I hadn’t been able to feel those sensations in 5 years. It left me feeling hopeful to know that after all these years my brain is healing. There is always hope!

I lost my license in March because of an insurance issue I really didn’t understand, partly my fault I know, but that has been very frustrating.  I have been getting rides but it makes break kinda boring I have to wait till 6p.m. to go anywhere. Since that was really the worst part of my year I  think 2016 was good to me.

In 2017 I will be graduating college. I will be the first Lough in my dad’s immediate family to have graduate college and only the second Lange in my mom’s immediate family. Doctors told my family that college might not be an option when I laid unconscious  almost 7 years ago. I’m seeing 2017 as another year to defy all odds. I realize that it’s only day 5, but I don’t have any “resolutions”: I have goals and goals that I plan to crush.

Already this year I have learned or reestablished my understanding that God is with me. He is on my side in the smallest issues and if  God is with me, Who can be against me? I’m ready to go on new adventures and explore new things.  2017 I am ready.


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