Today my brother turns 26. My brother was my first friend.We were complete opposites growing up , but that’s why we got/get along.

We weren’t always great friends, but we were always siblings and got along for the most part. especially as young kids;oh we were soo rotten. Lets see we blew up a microwave by putting crayons in it. We made a slip and slide in the kitchen with any condiment we could t our hands on;mayo, mustard, ketchup, syrup you name it. and obviously dad was babysitting or sleeping…. We played in the creek behind our house . We argued over cartoons or news channels on Saturday mornings.

He got in trouble kind of a lot, mainly because  I always blamed him and he was older and should have known better.  Anyway we drifted apart a little in our teenage years. I was the athlete and he was the gamer. I was supposed to drive him to school, but 70% of the days he wouldn’t wake up so I left him at home.
Then we both had to grow up quickly. I had my stroke. Mom made him get me clothes thsrt morning ; o lord I wore his pants and a hoodie to the hospital…anyway brother couldn’t come in the room. He’d visit and look through the glass at mom who would give a thumbs up and he’d nod. We always joke about not loving each other, but this was proof, he loved me.  He loves me soo much and I love him although he always calls me fat, which is hilarious because I’m almost half of him :0. Anyway one day I was home and he was too . As I came down the stairs I nodded, he nodded and we were best friends. It was a sibling thing and it was hilarious. One day after my stroke he asked mom for something and I looked at him and said “Hey shes not your bitch, shes mine.”It was hysterical because mom literally had to do and get everything for me, so unintentionally she was my bitch!! O my family :0

You see he probably hated playing barbies with meas a kid, but I was simply preparing him for his life full of girls. He has two sisters and three daughters and he loves it. He absolutely loves his girls and he’s so good with them. Literally I am probably most proud of my brother for the Dad that he is. He provides, he cares for, takes care of and raises my best friends. Even if its n a sick sarcastic way I love you brother!!!

Anyway all of these silly memories to say Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!!! Love You!




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