Today as I started my walk /run I started to think about y shoes. I just bought new shoes on my black Friday adventure.


I tried to go for a run Thursday morning and I put the running shoes on that I used to wear and I went to run and my foot kept sliding in the shoe and then my Ipod died., I got so frustrated that  I turned around. Running isn’t easy for me as it is and being frustrated while trying to run doesn’t help . Anyway so I came back home to change shoes and those ones were too flat. I need a flatter shoe for my left foot so that my ankle doesn’t turn, but  these weren’t working Thursday either so I just said forget it I’ll work our at home in my room and I did.

Then I went black Friday shopping for the first time. I was helping my friend look for men’s shoes and as I walked pat a sale sign I said I love these! I thought they were girls shoes for sure. Anyway  they were on sale for 50$. I never spend that much on shoes because I know the value of a dollar and usually that would be a lot.  knew I had the extra money so I tried them on and they were perfect.

As I walked this morning I thought of the story of children wearing their parents shoes,. They are always to big and the child falls. The child longs to fit into mommy or daddy’s shoes but they can’t until they grow up. When you wear shoes that weren’t meant for you, you always get hurt. Not today. Today I found shoes that fit perfectly. Now I’ll admit they are little big for my right foot, but they fit my braced foot perfectly.  I did get a small blister, but the knowledge of me being able to run better outweighed the pain of the blister so I kept going. Sometimes the cost is greater but it will always be worth the wait and extra effort.




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