Taylor Rae Lough

Today my sister turns 17. Mom said my baby, whee has the time gone. Obiously she’s not my baby but I feel the same way. Being eight years older than her I remember the exact day my parents told us they were pregnant.

It was Easter morning. Daniel and I opened our baskets and then they said okay one more thing. Dad acted like he was getting a present and when he came back mom said how would you like to have a baby brother or sister?Being 7 and 8 at t he time we were so excited. I watched moms belly grow telling everyone  I was having a baby. I don’t know for sure but I’m almost certain I helped take care of mom through her pregnancy.  I don’t remember the whole thing, but I do remember when mom went  to the hospital. Grandpa came to our house so mom and dad could go. Fatty was born in the morning at 10lbs 11 oz.  I’m jking with the fatty part but we joke about it still.  The next day dad came to pick us up and we went to met her. I do remember looking over the bed and just staring at her. That was my baby.


And then she grew up. wait before that, When she was born I was in the third grade, I told all my friends my mom had a baby and I wanted to bring my baby in. For show abd tell mom brought Taylor into meet my class. I stood next to them before the class guarding her in case any of the kids would hurt her.   I was very protective of her then and in some ways I still am.  After school was out mom had a softball team to coach Taylor would sit in the play pin behind the backstop and I’d run around the fence and talk to her. Again with the protective part last summer some ignorant coach practically followed her to hr car and I was so mad. #1 She knows the game and the rules; she’s been around it since the womb. #2 you do not follow a 16 year old to their car, psycho. She called crying and I was so riled up! Oh and then a boy  hurt her feelings. I told her I’d kill him, no worry no blood was shed. Just  a sister taking care of her baby.

We have had our fights. All siblings, especially sisters do. Especially when she wears my clothes or my shoes or eats my food, jking again, In all seriousness we’ve had our fights but we love each other. Being the oldest I get annoyed of her sometimes because I never was allowed to do that or “I never  did that or whatever but I love her with all of my heart. She might not be my bestest friend ever but I f I truly, truly needed her she’d be there and the same goes for the reverse.


Beliow are just pictures of us from previous birthdays. None of this is meant for embarrasement but  a tribute the girl I call my sister. My beautiful, silly, mean, annoying, loving sister. And don’t get mad she feels the same way about me.



November 19, 2009 Age 10.




November 19, 2011 Age 14. Oh sister I’d do anything for you. Facial peel and all.

All of this to say Happy Birthday Sister Love you!!!


This is absolutley hiularious!!!!!!!!ne of us alwauswith the short hair ❤ ❤ ❤


Talk about Twins…







My Baby is 17 ❤



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