The Lord loves


We all know he Lord loves us because that’s who he is, the Lord is Love, but there are some days and times where you just know God stepped in and reminded you that he loved you. That happened to me today. I got up way before I needed to, as always, and I got ready, dressed in a skirt, packed my notebooks and computer and headed to class.I thought I needed to be there till almost 5 so I packed lunch and  snacks and had myself ready. I get to my first class and I start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do between 5 an 6:30. Then I leave my first class for a meeting. I stop by my second class only to remember it was cancelled today and I feel so relieved. I get to go home and finish my homework. Then I realize one  assignment isn’t due til Monday so that can wait;  what a relief.  Maybe I’m just forgetful or haven’t done my work yet, or maybe just  maybe the Lord loves me.I choose to believe that today he loves me a Lil extra special and reassures me that  he always makes a way. As Lovejoy and Womack say I’m his favorite!


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