That Girl


I used to get soo frustrated when people would say “That’s Sam Lough,you know the girl who had a stroke.”I would get so frustrated because that’s not who I am it’s  what happened to me. I am so much more than just a girl whose arm is paralyzed.

I was speaking with a woman in the diversity department at KSU and I was telling my story to her and it just it me I am that girl and because I’m that girl I m also the girl who overcame, I’m also the girl who persevered.   I decided I would no longer get frustrated when people describe me as you know the girl who had a stroke. I am that girl, but I’m also much more.I ‘m the girl who overcame, I’m the girl who loves to lift , to run and to workout I’m the daughter of a King who loves to write, read and be with her family. I’m the girl who does her best not to let being different effect her life. I’m 100% happy being that girl.

Because I’m the girl that had a stroke I ‘m also the girl that does everything doctors said she never would.

When  I needed to be placed into a coma the doctor looked at my mom ad said “if she doesn’t die she probably won’t be able to walk, talk, drive or go to college. Well I walked a month later I drove a year ad a half later. I started college a year and  half later and I’m defying all odds; Yes I’m that girl



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