It takes one

Years ago,like two or three I had a word from the Lord that “it takes one spark to light the wole forest on fire.” Lately I’ve been seeing this in my life. This blog is as much to light my fire as it is yours.

I watched a movie the other night called Gods Club and  a mother is trying to start a Bible study  in a High school, but she dies so the father steps up and he starts it. Kids come, kids with atheist parents come and the dad takes  a lot of ridicule, but his daughter saves another boys life in the process. It took one girl to tell her friend about the Bible and Jesus before he jumped off a bridge.

I went to dinner with a few friends Saturday night and one a non christian one says” This generation, they’re just different and my spirit is screaming,Yes!, Yes! This generation is different because they fear a holy God.  The next day I’m thinking to myself what if I’m that girl who saves her friend from jumping off a bridge? What if I’m a one? I know I am because God gave me that word about the spark and he continues to reveal it to me over and over.

Today I’m reading  Chronicles 20:14 and the adults are fearing war, but the  next generation; the sons of the  men rise up and one says ” Do not be afraid or discouraged..For the battle is not yours, but Gods.” I thank God that he is allowing the next generation to rise up and take what is theirs. I also thank God that he chose me. He chose me 5 years ago and he chooses me each morning, Oh what a love this is!


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