Transformation Tuesday


I used to be taller than both boys. NOT ANYMORE! Thankful for transformations andthat God turns boys into men.

I Just wanted to give a huge Shout (blog) out to these two boys. Noah and  Luke Wordell, my brothers through my friend Jess.I’ve known Luke and Noah since they were 5 and 10. I used to babysit and cuddle with them .  Noah just came home to visit from Guam and I realized how much I loved these two boys. Memories flood my mind Babysitting during the day and taking them to the pool,playing board games,watching movies.

One particular story I always bring up was when Luke was 6 his mom had an event and I was babysitting. Lukey did not feel good. I sat with him on the couch and we cuddled and watched movies.

Noah came with their mom to visit  me in thew hospital and 14 year old Noah was so nervous. I smiled and said I’m ok Noah give me a hug. He did and he was fine.

It’s the little things guys!

Sunday we played taboo and because they are super close they won, but it was just fun and I reminisced about how it felt like the old days.


I;m so proud ofthe men these boys are becoming! Noah proudly serves our country in the Airforce. Thanks Noah!! and although we all make fun of Luke for being the laziest one I’m still proud of  and love him!!!


Aren’t these bos just adorable? They are and they treat me like one of their own. I love you guys. Lukey I’l see you around  and Noah I’ll see you i April! ❤ you!!!



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