Give careful thought

This line shows up in Haggai 1&2 5 times. When something is in the Bible once I think it’s important and if it’s in the Bible 5 times in 2 chapters I think you better give thought to it. In numerology, or the study if Biblical numbers, 5 means Gods grace, therefore God gives us the grace to stop and think. He gave us a brain for a reason.

Give careful thought: to think or have thought is a process, therefore God gives us grace to Go through the process. Oh the stuff we’d stay away from if we gave careful thought to it.

Until I continued reading I thought there were only 4 times Give careful thought came up so I was studying the number four. It means lots of things, but one of them was to be complete as in a  square. Soto be complete you must give careful thought into your life so you aren’t just wandering.


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