Jess Cowan


This is Jess Cowan. I met Jess my freshman year in high school We played volleyball together, but I think we clicked one day when Jess was crying before practice, shocker Jess crying 😉 Anyway she was upset and I just had compassion and I started to cry. Then we laughed because we were both crying. From that day on we were best friends. She became my chauffeur, mom and mentor. Literally she drove me everywhere and I lived at her house from October to about February. I actually got my first period at her house, I don’t even think she knows that, but ya.

After my freshman year she went to college, but nearby, thank God. We remained friends and I stayed with her all the time. Our friendship was fun we did everything together and she became the bigger sister I never had. One person even asked if we were dating once 😉  My Junior year I quit basketball and I started to swim so then I lived with her again to attend practice. We had a blast, I was practically a Hiram Terrier. Lets be real I was!!

Then my senior year we still hung out all the time but on March 15,2010 Jess came to the hospital  and didn’t leave. She skipped class and told her teachers and grandma that I was way more important and she had to be there with me. She was always there for me! Always!! Jess would sit at my bedside and I couldn’t even talk, but she’d sit as I wrote what I wanted to say, not clearly, but she got the message.Jess helped me get dressed and became my chauffeur again, taking me to therapy, appointments and wherever else I wanted to go.

It was then her  senor year and who else could be the senior night basketball coach but me? She chose me and  I was so excited.I finally got to be there for her. Same with her wedding I was so happy to be apart of her day!


All of this just to say Happy Birthday Jess and thanks for being my mom, friend, love, sister and whatever else.I love you and thanks for always being there. You have no idea what you and things you do mean to me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

And now shes crying!!!! :’/



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