A father is

A man whose love runs deep

In whose arms little girls sleep

A man who loves without condition

Even in your worst position

A daddy whose there when all other boys leave

A man to whom you can always cleave

A love that expands the sea

And A love that will always be

A heart that goes with you wherever you go

A love like you’ll never know

A man in a suit on your wedding day

Or a cut off tee when it’s time to play

A dad never truly leaves

Even when obligations tug his sleeves.

A father’s love is so true

And there is no other father like you.

Happy Fathers day daddy. Love you!

This is my Daddy, yes I still call him that. Actually I don’t remember calling him Daddy until about three or four years ago. You see my relationship with my Dad hasn’t always been great. WhenI was little my dad was an alcoholic. He’d work go to the bar and come home drunk or not at all.I don’t really remember times with him as a child.

My most fond memories of my dad start whenI was 17. See when I had my first stroke my dad was in Columbus working. My mom called and said you need to come now, Sam’s not responsive. He got in his truck, leaving all his belongings n his hotel room and hit the highway. He was speeding, of course, and got pulled over. he tells the officer he needs to get home now.The officer gets in front of him and escorts him from Columbus to Akron and I don’t remember this, but they told me he’d come into my rom and say Hi Sammi daddy loves you then he’d go to his truck and get drunk because he couldn’t handle it.

Well we were together a lot in the hospital and one day I woke up from a nap and I had just started talking, I looked at him and said “I  don’t want you to feel inferior, but I want my mom.” He  couldn’t believe I knew the word inferior and assured me it was ok and called mom to cone back.  He worked through my hospital stay, but he’d come at night, a lot and I remember one night he brought KFC and Taylor. We made them sit in the waiting room and I walked to him.He had tears in his eyes  He was so proud and relieved.

After the hospitalI saw my dad a lot ,more. He visited a lot more and started to work closer to home, knowing he could lose one of his babies he decided the travel wasn’t worth the pay.  Well a year after the accident I got saved and I needed a ride to church. In his mind he wasn’t going in. although he was dressed for it. I invited him in and eventually he got saved and delivered from Alcohol. My daddy has been sober 5 years!!! I am so proud of my daddy; he owns his own business lives in his own place and he’s become one of my best friends!

This year while applying for internships I realized my daddy believes in me more than anyone. He knew I’d get it and he was so proud. He’s always been proud, but to see it in his eyes makes all the difference.

Daddy Love you More!



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