Negative emotions part 2

David was married to Michal, Saul’s daughter. Michal inherited many things from Saul even down to some of his emotions. This happens more than we’d like to admit. You hear all the time Well I’m just like dad or what I say”I git it from my momma” These are not excuses (speaking definitely to myself to) We think it’s okay because we see our elders doing something. Some things are okay, but do they benefit you? If not let them go. Don’t be like the bitter old woman. Choose Joy!  Michal saw David dancing before the Lord and she thought he was a fool. Like said she got envious, I think she was more envious of David’s freedom than anything else. She cared what everybody else thought, just like Saul, but David was free he knew in front of whom he danced. Anyway when you allow negative emotions arise like they dd in an older generation you end up just like they did. In this case, dead. Saul actually died, but Michal died inside, she could no longer bear life.Don’t be like this Don’t allow generational curses overtake you. Stand up and choose Joy, chose life!  

David knew why and who he was celebrating. Don’t let other people bring you down, especially those close to you. walk away from the toxins, chose to celebrate life and not to kill it! David celebrated God when no one else did and he encouraged himself when no one else was.  Choose to celebrate. Choose Joy!


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