Negative Emotions


saul-or-david.jpgSaul went after David for a long time. 2 Samuel 3:1 says”there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. There never needed yo be a war. Saul should have realized David was to be King.That was the plan and God isn’t a God of changing his mind. What he has planned is going to happen. His word never returns void. Saul got jealous and jealousy eventually killed him.  During his quest to find David  Saul came upon a war. he was badly maimed so he fell on his own sword to avoid humiliation. He let the song of other men make him jealous and he  along with his two sons end up dead.  He was so bent on keeping his reign as king even though he knew David was to be the next king. The moral of this story  is don’t let jealousy steal your life because eventually it will kill you. Let it go.

                                      Saul slayed his thousands but David his ten thousands

It’s like the story of the little girl with the pearl necklace. The little girl had a plastic pearl necklace and her daddy asked if he could have it. She said no daddy I love it. Little did she know he had a real pearl necklace waiting for her. Let go of what isn’t yours so God can give you what he wants you to have.

Not only will jealousy kill you so will hopelessness. Hopelessness leaves your heart feeling sick and makes you think that you have to take everything into your own hands to make it better. It this quest you will either work yourself to death or do as Ish-Boseth did and kill others so you can have your way. This leaves their blood on your hands and leaves you dead as well. We all have negative emotions of some kind, but don’t hold onto them and let them fester. eventually they will kill you!


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