This is Chad Hunter. Chad was crying yesterday because I’ve had a blog for a week and a half and haven’t written about him yet. So to keep tears from his eyes I am writing about Chad. So much to say. First of all I feel like we became instant friends. He walked into the church I attend with his family two and a half years ago. We just clicked; His family and I . we always hung out and then he realized who I was. He was like we went to your benefit dinner and everything.  I just became one of his girls and he says he loves me, but as you can see from above he always has this ” get me out of here” look on his face. Actions speak louder than words Chady. Anyway chad used to be an alcoholic, druggie, but Jesus saved him. He now owns his own company and supports a wife and five children, well however many he’s claiming now a-days. Chad is a great friend. When I went to ministry 2 years ago I told him he’d cry and being Mr. tough guy he says “ya right no I wont!” but then our pastor is giving me flowers and saying goodbye and I looked back and we are both crying. The best story though the best story of all is the Job story. Chad tells me he’s reading Job in his bible pronouncing it the way looks J-O-B job(like what you do for a living ) but I had to correct him as I’m dying laughing. Anyway Chad Hunter I love you and here’s your blog post, print it, frame it and act like you love me!

Oh wait the next best story is that of the panacake. Chad likes to add letters to words like paAcake instead of pancake. Asked what was for dinner and he says how about panacakes, lets just say I about died laughing. Oh  and he thinks he knows everything about me.  my answer is always Chad hunter you don’t know me.


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