Always watching

In the last chapter pf 1 Samuel Saul falls on his own sword, taking his own life. In the same way his sons take their lives. In reading this the thought Someone is always watching came to mind.  Obviously these sons watched Saul and wanted to be like him so instead of being humiliated they all took their lives in the same fashion. As a kid I always watched softball players. I wanted to be just like Brittany Vanderink, Jennie Finch and the like.I had to have those pink J. Finch cleats and the rocket-tech that Brittany eventually gave me.I wanted to be the best So I had to everything they had.  I watched everything these girls did; they played softball year round well so did I. I grew my hair out so it had this long flowing pony look like Jennie’s and everything they did I wanted to do.

Now that I’m older I notice that younger girls watch me, especially Lil. Lil loves her coffee,just like  I do and even though she has two hands sometimes I catch her doing things one handed because that’s the way Sammi does it.

It’s like this story I once heard of a mom dog. She was pregnant when her back leg was hit  and taken off the dog walked and scooted its behind with it. When the puppies were born some of them walked normally, but a few would walk and scoot just like the momma.

The moral here is that someone is always watching. No matter what you’re doing, someone is looking at you,someone is hoping that you will succeed to give them the power to as well. I noticed a few girls at the church cut their hair for summer, I’m not saying girls want to be like me,I’m saying that because I’m free enough to wear my hair the way I like other girls are too. Someone is watching you needing you to do what you’re called to do so that they can believe in themselves enough to do what they are called to do.

If someone’s always watching are they seeing what you want them to see?? And this isexactly why do what I say and not what I do doesn’t work! Someone is always watching, not necessarily listening, Watching!


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