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Last night I was lying in bed reading my book and this thought came to mind. When I first bought the book I was having trouble keeping it open but yesterday it almost fell out of my hand because the binding was so lose.Hence the blog.

A book whose binding is not cracked is a readers whose mind is not whacked with curiosity and poise to find out all the noise that lies within the crack less edges of that book that probably hasn’t left its nook. Probably has not a year and not a stain. And probably a reader whose felt no pain. A book whose binding isn’t cracked probably lives within the confines of a shelf sitting there each Christmas like that stupid elf only at least he moves each day,that crack less binding is set to stay. It’s owners mind is set in place and it won’t he moved from its dustless place. A book whose binding is no book at all for a book is meant to be read to be explored to be opened and dissected. A real readers book can hardly be resurrected. A real readers book is coffee stained,water logged and bent just like the eyes trying to  read just one more page. A true readers book is cracked and torn, while  sometimes ripped and worn for the mind has squeezed it of all it’s juice for a real reader will end his life in a noise for a story in which he believed for a real reader is scarcely  bereaved for all the adventure it has sustained a real reader leaves a book truly drained. Through its cracks and breaks a  real book gives all the reader takes. It will give you the break and follow the bend as the real reader reads to the end. To The very last page. The end.


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