Love Story <3

We always, always here the story of the prodigal son. The father runs after him with open arms and its a wonderful story, but why  have I never heard about a father chasing a son  long enough to make the son come to him. 1 Samuel 26:21 Saul has been chasing David for the last three chapters trying to kill him.David apologizes though he’s the innocent one and the father, Saul admits he was wrong and says “Come back, David my son.  Some of your fathers may very well have wronged you or run you off, but when you’re ready he will be standing there saying my son, come back. Oh what a love story of a child embracing the father. It completely melts my heart, especially if you know the story of me and my daddy. Let me just share a little here.  My dad here on earth was simply absent. He was physically around, sometimes, but I don’t remember many moments where he said Daughter come to me or whatever. Then one day I was about to leave him forever and he came running, well driving, and while he was physically there he was trying to be mindfully absent because he couldn’t handle it. Then one day I  asked for a simple favor and with open arms he agreed.  He’s been free every since that day. He’s both physically and mindfully here or e whenever I want or need.  I don’t know because I was n a coma, but I can probably predict him in that hospital room saying daughter come back, I was wrong. Oh what a love story. What a story of a father. That year not only did I meet my earthly dad I met the one who holds my soul. My heavenly father said Sam, come back.  O the love stories I can already tell.


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