Curve Balls

IMG_20160601_191305588_HDR.jpg94d852ad833d1d864b5c702d42bc9456.jpgToday I had a ot of things on my mind that I wanted to write about.Becoming like a child was one, but then watching a TV show a baby shower as being thrown and some advice from a former mother was “when life throws you curve balls embrace them and rock them.” As a softball player I immediately said to myself.Take that curve ball and drive into right-field. Curve-balls come often and are often taken as strikes. All you have to do is keep your eye on the ball and swing at the right moment and take that ball exactly where it was intended to go. At yesterdays interview  I was speaking with the players mother while the boy and dad played catch. The “professional” “adult” thing to do was probably to leave, but I stayed. I said let me play, I have an arm. So my take away from that was. Stay; play catch. I played and remembered times when I would stand outside in the heat playing catch with my momma. Whenever I wanted to play catch all I had to do was ask my mom to play with me and get her glove.  Then one day life threw a curve-ball at us. We took a strike, but the next curve ball we rocked that thing. we hit it to deep into right field.

When pitchers throw a pitch they know where it’s supposed to go, that is the exact reason they throw it! As a pitcher I loved the drop-ball because it caused batters to hit grounders. Wow! I never thought of that before. God knows exactly where We are supposed to it the ball he throws our way and that’s exactly why he allows them to be thrown.  .



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