Like You

I never really liked myself. I always thought I was the fat girl but I hid my insecurity behind my athletic ability but then when I had two strokes at 17 I lost all of that and was left hating myself even more.  I wanted to be anyone in the world besides the person that I was.  Then I saw him. Jesus. I found the one but still I couldn’t accept his new me, this half paralyzed girl who could hardly walk or talk. I thought it was because I just needed to lose weight, so I did I got down to 150 pounds, eating oatmeal for breakfast and a salad for lunch and dinner, that’s it! I still hated myself though. It had nothing to do with the weight and everything to do with my attitude about myself.  I can’t tell you anything that just clicked but over time I’ve come to realize I’m doing the best that I can with what I’ve got. God has shown me that it’s okay not to write like everyone else, for he gave me my brain for a reason.  Driving in the car, worshiping I wrote this poem inspired by the song Try by Colbie Caillat

That’s who you thought you might be

But now you’re alive and free

Do you like you?

though your friends be few

do you like who you are

every bump and every scar

If you like yourself

then pull your gift off the shelf

let the world see whats inside

stop running

there’s no need to hide

Do you like what they see

a child young and free

t’s a rarity to do what you love

but you

you my darling

have a gift from above

do you like ou

you will if you can see

See who He created you to be

you will if you see the one

God the father of the only begotten son

The one who was and is  and is to come

Though you differ from the rest

Are you trying your best

do you ike you?

Cuz he lovves you!


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