God asked me at the beginning of the school year to pray on the Kent State campus greens. I was afraid to do so, so I didn’t but then God kept speaking to me that I needed to obey. I was like “Lord I’m doing what you called me to but I wasn’t. I went to a conference and I just got ignited. I went back to school and I prayed. It was the most glorious feeling. To know that I was walking in God’s will for my life. This praying gives a reason to be at Kent State and a reason to go to class. I can’t wait for monday now. God told me that 1000 students would come to him this year. I looked up and all I could see was people praying on the greens, on their knees. I began to pray for my friends that go there and it was just incredible, I had such a grace to pray.





I thank God and if you read this please pray for me as I am doing the work of God.
It had been prophesied over me that I was standing in a parking lot and people were coming to hear me speak and I had a dream once that Jim Lovejoy and I were speaking in the Dix stadium arena. Yes Lord!


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