If you know me, you know I can’t really run. I mean I can but it hurts my knees and I just prefer to walk. So it’s not really a matter of can I run,yes I can run, God gives us free will but I don’t want to run I don’t desire to. I want to be one of the chosen few. God is calling his people back to him in this time. Natural running is fine and good for your body, but what about your soul? Do you even know where you will go? Think about it, if you don’t know,just stop. In this life we are always go go, We don’t feel like we can break to breathe but with God we can do all things. Jesus died on the cross for all of us. But we have to make the choice to accept his death, burial, and resurrection. All we have to do is repent and we can make our temple his home. He’s longing to live inside us all. This is a poem I wrote right before service on Saturday during some prophetic worship.

You can run, you can run
but you can not hide
For he is living deep indside
Aren’t you tired son?
just stop,don’t run
come on in
find some rest; from the burden of sin
you’ll see it’s the best
jump head first, take the dive
you’re gonna feel more alive
Just take me off the shelf
you can’t run
you can’t run from yourself
Im calling out to you
many are called, but the chosen are few
I have big plans for you
take a break and abide
take a seat here at my side
find rest under my wings
let go of all the wordly things
It’s better in here you see
you get to live completely free


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