Love <3

I have recently been apart of a relationship, I mean you can’t really call it that, we went out a few times and it was fun but neither of us were ready for a relationship but through this person God has taught me a most valuable lesson. Love, Love has to come from him first!!! It must! This morning he marked me with this song

and from this song I wrote a poem about his love. listen and read.

He loves
Only he can truly love me
He’s the one who set me free
From the cage I was sitting in
Decorated with “pretty” sin
Everyday there’s a new level to go
A new love he wants to show
He loves me more than the stars can show
More than I’ll ever really know
He is jealous for me
The reason his son hung from that tree.
two thousand years ago
I was on his mind
My love, he was waiting to find.
You shall not awaken love until it is time
Not according to my watch but thine.


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